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SANGHI OVERSEAS is a leading Manufacturer & exporter of Oxygen Plants, Nitrogen Plants, Air Separation Plants, PSA Plants, Nitrous Oxide Plants and Carbon Di-oxide Plants. The Company also manufactures and exports related Allied Equipments for these Plants, as well as High Pressure Seamless Cylinders for different types of Gases. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, SANGHI OVERSEAS is an eminent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Nitrogen Gas Pant, Liquid Nitrogen Plant and many more. Our in-depth knowledge of the market and complete functionality of latest machinery, helps us in carry each production work with perfection. Sales volume of over 90 Crore per year speaks about our flourishing business process. As an original equipment manufacturer, we make sure to serve our clients with high-end products, which meets every specification of international quality standards. The Company's engineering & fabrication facility at Taloja is a sprawling Complex of nearly 21,000 sq. meters, located around 20 kms away from Mumbai. It is lined up with the most modern facilities of Plant manufacturing Machinery, Tooling and Assembly lines for manufacturing state-of-the-Art Plants. The main product range includes Oxygen Plants, Nitrogen Plants, Air Separation Plants ranging from 40 to 1000 Cu.m/hr capacity, Acetylene Plants from 45 to 200 Cu.m/hr capacity, Nitrous Oxide Plants from 8 to 50 Cu.m/hr capacities. & CO2 plants from 50 to 1000 Kgs/hr. In addition to the above, the company also offers Tonnage Air Separation Plants, capable of producing Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen & Argon for the Steel Industry and other Process Industries. The Company has established over 500 Projects at various locations within India. Sanghi Overseas - the Export Division has already exported projects on turn key basis to over 72 countries worldwide including Egypt, Dubai, Mexico, Jordan, Singapore, Panama, Kuwait, Greece, Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Ecuador, Portugal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mauritius, Gambia, Iran, Iraq, Sharjah, Qatar, Nigeria, Dubai, Syria, Uganda, Tanzania, Peru, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Honduras, Kenya,Chile, Cyprus, Ghana, Guatemala, Romania, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Libya, Sudan, Morocco etc. - to name a few. The SANGHI ORGANIZATION range of Industrial Gas Plants are operating in various countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Mauritius, Gambia, Nigeria, Dubai, Syria, Uganda, Tanzania, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Honduras, Kenya, Chile, Cyprus, Egypt, Ghana, Guatemala, Portugal, Romania, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe etc. SANGHI ORGANIZATION, the Engineering Division of M. K. Sanghi Group of Companies commenced manufacture of Industrial Gas Plants for producing Oxygen, Nitrogen and Acetylene Gases in the mid 80's. The Company has a sprawling manufacturing complex in Taloja near Bombay. The present range of manufacture of the Company include Oxygen Plant ranging from capacities 40 Cu.m. per hour to 1000 Cu.m. per hour, Nitrogen Plant ranging from capacities 60 Cu.m. per hour to 1000 Cu.m. per hour and Acetylene Plant of capacities 45 Cu.m. per hour and 200 Cu.m. per hour and Nitrous Oxide Plant 8 cu.m./Hr to 24 cu.m./Hr. Mr.Mahendra Kumar Sanghi is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Group. He is supported by his sons Vaibhav Sanghi and Ashwin Sanghi. The Oxygen/Nitrogen Plants being medium pressure plants, consume very low electricity. Beside this advantage, our plant can also simultaneously produce a good commercial grade of Nitrogen Gas without any additional manufacturing cost. The other salient features are : a versatile Liquid Oxygen Pump, sturdy design absorbed from a leading German manufacturer, long operative life, etc. The regularly consumed spares/components are available ex-stock from our Taloja Works and ensure trouble free operation of the Plant. The Acetylene Plants manufactured by SANGHI ORGANIZATION conform to IS-8471 (PART-IV) 1977. We are approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards and Dept. of Explosives, Nagpur. The Pressure Control and MERCOID Switches fitted to our Acetylene Generator are imported from USA as original equipment. All the above features make our plant, the safest and most economically viable in these capacities. SANGHI OVERSEAS Export Markets operate over Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, Asia. The SANGHI ORGANIZATION range of Industrial Gas Plants are operating in various countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Mauritius, Gambia, Nigeria, Dubai, Syria, Uganda, Tanzania, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Honduras, Kenya, Chile, Cyprus, Egypt, Ghana, Guatemala, Portugal, Romania, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe etc. Mr.Vaibhav Sanghi, Director is very optimistic about the dominant role that can be played by the company in supplying medium pressure plants in the developing economies of the world. Our plants are ideal for entrepreneurs and for industries that have regular requirement of oxygen and acetylene gases. The company has an in-house R & D Wing which constantly review the designs and regular upgradation of the manufacturing process is carried out. The Company is in the threshold of doubling the export turnover in the current financial year. Being environment friendly and serious towards offering the most reliable gas plants, Sanghi Overseas has been functioning since 1994 with a main objective to satisfy customers in an efficient manner. Our company is identified as the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of different types of Gas Plants. The plants we design and develop are Oxygen Gas Plant, Liquid Oxygen Plant, Nitrogen Gas Plant, Liquid Nitrogen Plant, Acetylene Gas Plant, Carbon Dioxide Gas Plant, Nitrous Oxide Plant, etc. These products are exported to Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, and Asia. Our company has membership of EEPC and IMC. We specialize in manufacturing of international standard gas plants that are made-up with highly durable and sturdy materials. Every plant is prepared with meticulous attention to quality and performance, which have been prime concern for us since the inception in this business. Our engineers and skilled personnel work together with a quest to present the best that could satisfy customers' needs efficiently. Following are the products, we offer: Oxygen Gas Plant, Liquid Oxygen Plant, Nitrogen Gas Plant, Liquid Nitrogen Plant, Acetylene Gas Plant, Carbon Dioxide Gas Plant, Nitrous Oxide Plant, Expansion Engine, Ancillaries, Acetylene Plant, Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant. SANGHI OVERSEAS Primary Competitive Advantages are : Robust infrastructure, Research & development facility, Quality monitoring unit, Affordable priced products, Timely delivery of consignment, Quality Assurance. Being a quality-centric organisation, we pay special attention to the materials and technologies to be used in manufacturing process. Raw materials are directly procured from world's well known vendors who have spent years in this business domain. In order to avoid any hamper in quality, our quality analysts first test materials on various quality measures including durability and sturdiness and then begin the process. To further determine quality level and maintain the same, they conduct tests for fine-finished products. Robust Infrastructure We have robust infrastructure, which is well equipped with state-of-the-art machines and equipment. All the machines and equipment installed in-house are of reputed brands that perform well while operating them. Every machine and equipment is smooth in functioning, which is further enhanced by regular maintenance and upgradation. We have installed the following types of machines and equipment at our units: Cutting machine, Drill machine, Welding machine, Shaping machine, Finishing machine. Contact Details 1-2, Turf View, Opp. Nehru Centre, Seth Motilal G. Sanghi Marg, Worli, Mumbai - 400018, Maharashtra, India hone : +919821120525 /24966616 Fax : 91-22-24947052 Mr. Uday P. Shet(CEO) Mobile : +919821120525 For more information about the M.K. Sanghi group and its activities, please visit or or

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Oxygen Gas Plant
Oxygen Gas Plant INR 0 INR 0 The SANGHI-ORG Oxygen Plant, is safe and economical to operate. It comes with an efficient expansion engine, which lowers the operating pressures remarkably to as low as 32-35 kg/cm2 and also cuts down power consumption. A Molecular sieve Battery drier unit for separation of moisture and carbon dioxide is another money-saving device in the SANGHI-ORG plant. It removes acetylene and other hydro-carbons from the process air, thus eliminating the need for separate acetylene absorbers, and moreover it eliminates recurring caustic soda costs. The SANGHI-ORG Oxygen Plant is capable of simultaneously producing high purity Oxygen Gas and Nitrogen Gas. It also has an internal compression Liquid Oxygen Pump to fill dry gaseous oxygen in cylinders. We also undertake supervision of Installation and Commissioning of the SANGHI-ORG Oxygen Plant. True 1478291031
Nitrogen Gas Plant INR 0 INR 0 The SANGHI-ORG Nitrogen Plant, is safe and economical to operate. It comes with an efficient expansion engine, which lowers the operating pressures remarkably to as low as 32-35 kg/cm2 and also cuts down power consumption. A Molecular sieve Battery drier unit for separation of moisture and carbon dioxide is another money-saving device in the SANGHI-ORG plant. It removes acetylene and other hydro-carbons from the process air, thus eliminating the need for separate acetylene absorbers, and moreover it eliminates recurring caustic soda costs. The SANGHI-ORG Nitrogen Plant is capable of simultaneously producing high purity nitrogen Gas. It also has internal compression Liquid nitrogen Pump to fill dry gaseous oxygen in cylinders. We also undertake supervision of Installation and Commissioning of the SANGHI-ORG Nitrogen Plant. About 100 CU.M./Hr of Nitrogen will be used for regeneration of driers for SANGHI-ORG 80. * About 150 CU.M./Hr of Nitrogen will be used for regeneration of driers for SANGHI-ORG 100. * About 300 CU.M./Hr of Nitrogen will be used for regeneration of driers for SANGHI-ORG 200. The above product capacities are based on ambient conditions of 15oC temperature 760mm of Hg pressure and 50% relative humidity and 0.03% of Carbon Di-oxide is allowed as impurity. Note: 1) High purity Nitrogen of upto 2 PPM can also be tapped simultaneously with a separate liquid Nitrogen pump in modified plants , at an additional cost. 2) Provisions can also be made for tapping upto 25% liquid oxygen / liquid nitrogen simultaneously with gaseous oxygen, at an additional cost. Note : 1) Electric motors can be supplied to suit specific power ratings in respective countries across the globe, if informed in advance. 2) Specifications of other capacity plants upto 750 Cu.m/hr capacity can be furnished on request. Description of SANGHI-ORG Oxygen Plant The free atmospheric air is sucked in by a multi-stage air compressor through a filter and compressed to the working pressure. After each stage, intermediate coolers and water separators are provided. The compressed air then passes through the (evaporation) pre-cooler and then to the molecular sieve battery where the moisture and carbon dioxide are removed from the process air. It then passes through the exchanger No. 1 where it is cooled by the out-going waste nitrogen and product oxygen. A part of this cold air then flows through an expansion machine and the balance through the 2nd heat exchanger. The ratio of the two air streams is controlled by an expansion valve, RI. Both these streams of air then unite in the lower pressure column where it partially liquefies. The liquid air (rich air) then passes through the expansion valve R2 to the upper column which is at a lower pressure than the lower column. Similarly the liquid nitrogen (poor liquid) travels from the lower column to the upper column through an expansion valve R3 where the separation of oxygen and nitrogen occurs. Nitrogen being more volatile passes out as a gas from the top of the column and this waste nitrogen flows through both the heat exchangers cooling the in-coming air. Similarly product oxygen is also passed through the two heat exchangers to cool the in-coming air and then to the filling manifold via a liquid pump. If a small amount of air is vented out from the upper column, higher purity nitrogen can also be obtained from this plant. R4 Valve is provided in order to fasten cooling during start-up. True 1478291210
Liquid Oxygen Pump INR 0 INR 0 The Liquid Oxygen Pump is a single acting piston pump. It is used for filling Oxygen into Cylinders upto a pressure of 165 kgs./cm2. Liquid Oxygen Pump SANGHI - ORG Liquid Oxygen Pump The pump is designed for assembly in air separation unit that works by pumping liquid Oxygen and gasifying the same in Heat Exchangers for final filling as gas in Cylinders. Control of liquid feed is not necessary, because the pump is designed in accordance with the plant size and the liquid produced is constantly pumped off. The drive unit is similar to any reciprocating machine with the Crank Shaft, Flywheel, Connecting Rod, Cross Head, etc. The Liquid Oxygen Pump consists of a stainless steel inside liner with liquid inlet and evaporated gas outlet ports. There are no valves on these ports, which are closed by the piston itself on the pressure stroke. The third outlet is the main discharge outlet with the two non-return ball valves. The two ball valves remain firmly closed during suction stroke, due to high pressure in partly filled cylinders. To ensure that these valves are fully closed, a positive pressure of about 60 kgs/cms2 must be maintained on it. When a fresh batch of cylinders is taken for filling, open the manifold valve slowly or use a spare batch of cylinders to ensure positive pressure on these valves. True 1478291484
Expansion Engine INR 0 INR 0 The Expansion Engine is a vertical single acting reciprocating type engine. Expansion Engine SANGHI - ORG Expansion Engine High Pressure Expansion Engine SANGHI - ORG High Pressure Expansion Engine The Electric Motor is used initially to start the machine. Thereafter the engine is moved by the air pressure itself and during which time, the engine motor retains the speed by acting as a brake. Since work is done by air in rotating the Flywheel, it loses its heat content (enthalpy). Thus the air gets cooled. This cooling is more than that of an expansion in an expansion valve. The Expansion Engine can be considered as three major units: a. The drive unit. b. The Cylinder Unit for air expansion and c. The Hydraulic Systems for operating the Valves. The High Pressure Expansion Engine is used for liquid Plants True 1478291590
Ancillaries INR 0 INR 0 Besides manufacture and export of Oxygen / Nitrogen plants, Acetylene Plants and Nitrous Oxide plants, we can also supply you with the following ancillaries. Tailor made items can be offered to suit specific requirements. Liquid Oxygen Pump Sanghi-Molecular Sieve Battery: To remove moisture, Carbon-di-oxide & traces of Acetylene and other hydrocarbons consisting of 2 dries filled with molecular sieve along with regenating electric heater. Temperature sensors & control panel with temperature controller. Each vessel of Molecular Battery is filled with molecular sieve of 1.5/3 mm type 13-X. This is regenerative type capacity 400m3/hr to 2000 m3/hr and 12 hour regeneration cycle. Sanghi-Purifying mass & L K Mixture: A mixture of purifying mass & L K Mixture is used to remove unpurities such as Sulphur, Phosphorus, Arsenic, Ammonia etc. in the form of hydrides such as Hydrogen sulphide, Phosphine etc. This chemical is regnerative, can be used for several applications. Sanghi-Org Distribution Panel For Oxygen / Nitrogen Plants: Liquid Oxygen Pump Sanghi-Distribution Panel For Oxygen / Nitrogen Plants: This is a free standing, non-compartmentalised Structure housing the starter feeders for all the drives required for the Acetylene Plant / Oxygen plant and is fabricated out of CRCA steel & is surface treated to international quality standards. It has a front opening and has adequate cabling space. The panel is dust-proofed using double-lipped Neoprene rubber gaskets. The door hinges are concealed and have a back-up channel to ensure proper dust-proofing. The wiring is done with black PVC insulated stranded Copper wires & the wire terminations are identified with PVC ferrules. Sanghi – Valves for cylinders: Expansion EngineHigh Pressure Expansion Engine Oxygen / Nitrogen / Acetylene / Argon Cylinder valves with SS304 spindle & Teflon. This cylinder valve is fixed to a gas cylinder by screwing & its essential functions. To enable filling of gas into the cylinder. To ensure proper storage of the gas inside the gas cylinder. To release the gas as and when required. To act as a safety device for the cylinder if valves are provided with safety. Liquid Oxygen Pump Sanghi-Water Pump: The centrifugal Monoblock pump is of close grained cast iron construction. A statically balanced impeller is fitted to give maximum output at low running cost. RPM 2880; 3.0 H.P.; Power Supply 3Ph; 50 cys; 400 / 440 Volt; A.C. Supply capacity. Liquid Oxygen Pump Sanghi-Weighing Scale: Dial Scale 3205 CLE / COE Capacities: - 100, 200, 300, 500 & 1000 Kg. White pointer with black indicator to give shadowless line-to-line (non-parallax) indication on 584 mm dia. Ready line . Scale mounted on four wheels enclosed in a substantial cast iron frame. Tough, dust proof and moisture proof housing to stand up to any conditions. This ensures no rusting and no deterioration of the mechanism components. Liquid Oxygen Pump Sanghi-Oxy / Nitr Cylinder Trolley: A battery of cylinder mounted on a trolley with wheels that can be transported and used where the consumption of the gas is more. These mounted cylinders are interconnected with individual isolation valves with pressure gauge. This product will immensely help in saving transportation cost and cylinder handling. Liquid Oxygen Pump Sanghi Water Softner Plant: Custom built water softner plants with flow Capacities ranging from 0.7m3 / Hr to 12m3 / hr with an output per regneration ranging from 8.1m3 to 203m3 max. working pressure 3.0kg / cm2. Liquid Oxygen Pump Sanghi-Compressor for Dissolved Acetylene: This is used for filling of the cylinders a reciprocating, oil lubricated, multi-stage, water submerged compressor with intercoolers, safety relief valve for each stage, driven by a 15 HP. Flame proof. Liquid Oxygen Pump Sanghi-Cooling Tower: Induced draft Rotary sprinklers in FRP casings with electric motor 3 HP / 960RPM with or without basin in different capacities from 500 LPM to 1000 LPM. Liquid Oxygen Pump Sanghi –Acetone Pump: It is a geared motor pump coupled with motor by love-joy coupling. The pump has two parts mainly suction port and the discharge port. The suction port is provided with extended pipe and foot value to reach the bottom of the acetone drum. Liquid Oxygen Pump Liquid Gas Cylinders LGC's are small liquid cylinders with in built pressure building & evaporating coil to allow both gas as well as liquid withdrawal. It can be transported to & from customers site with liquid filled in just like high pressure gas cylinder. This facilitates larger quantity of product transfer in liquid form than in Gaseous form. It is ideal for Liquid N2, Oxygen, Argon CO2 & N2O. Liquid Oxygen Pump Vaporizers: High Pressure Atmospheric Vaporizer for LOX/LIN Design. Construction of Tubes : Copper Construction of Frame : Mild Steel Operating Pressure & Design Pressure will vary depending upon the users requirement. However, the Vaporizers from operating pressure of 8 Kg/cm2g to 200 Kg/cm2g are available. The Vaporizers are used for converting the liquid form of product (i.e. O2,N2,Argon) to the gaseous form. This transformed gas can be supplied in pipe line through Low Pressure Vaporizer or can be filled in cylinders through High Pressure Vaporizers . Liquid Oxygen Pump Analysers We offer online, digital, electronic analysers with mounting & portable type for monitoring purities of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and other gases. This indicator is a convenient and handy instrument for field applications where a quick, easy and accurate measurement of oxygen is required. The sensor being located within the instrument requires the gas sample to be delivered to inlet port. This instrument is ideal where the sample is available at a slight positive pressure. Liquid Oxygen Pump Gas Compressors This is a reciprocating machine, with crank gear, piston rod, piston, cylinders. The machine is used for building up pressure of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide gas for filling the gas into Cylinders. These are available in various capacities and consist of following : Control Panel consisting of Pressure Gauge for All the Stages and Oil Pressure, and manual unloading Valves, Gas Coolers after all the three stages, Safety Valves for all the three stages, N.R.V. at Delivery, Belt Guard, Tool Box, Flywheel, Fiber Buckets for all the three stages, Motor Pulley. Liquid Oxygen Pump Cylinder Testing Equipments The cylinders testing equipment is necessary in the bottling plant, as the cylinders used for filling Gas needs to be tested periodically. This consists of the following: Hydraulic Pump, Cylinder Vice, Cylinder Rack, Cylinder Drier with Blower and Heater, Control Panel Stretch Board with Glass and Brass Tubes, Pressure Gauges Connecting Pipes, Spanners and Tools, DOL Starter, Low Voltage Lamp for Internal Viewing of Cylinder. Liquid Oxygen Pump Futuristic Control Panel This futuristic and advanced control panel of the Air separation unit can be located in an air-conditioned room to operate and control various plant parameters. It has been ergonomically designed for ease of operation and for fine tuning of plant parameters from a remote location. This panel has unique features with digital display, indicator lamps and instrumentation for indicating pressures and temperatures of all stages of Air compressors. It also has on-line digital electronic analysers for displaying and monitoring purity of gaseous oxygen, ultra high purity nitrogen and waste nitrogen. It also indicates ampere ratings of all motors used in the plant. True 1478291695
Acetylene Plant INR 0 INR 0 The Acetylene Plants from Sanghi Organization are of indigenous manufacture. Every part has been carefully designed by experienced engineers. These parts are made of the best material. Every part has been accurately made and carefully inspected before assembly. Each unit, after assembly is charged and worked continuously to check its performance. You are, therefore, assured of an efficient and dependable acetylene plant. This Acetylene Plant from SANGHI ORGANIZATION is of an advanced design, incorporating several features not ordinarily found in other generators. This one is a fully automatic plant with twin hoppers (and needs an operators' attention for only ten minutes in an hour). All operations are performed by pneumatically contolled valves, assisted by highly sensitive sensors, integral with the temperature control instruments. These in turn open the water inlet valve or residue drain valve etc. Two hydraulic pumps help to open and close the supply of calcium carbide. This is fed into the generator by screw feed conveyors. The screw feed mechanism and the agitator are operated by flame-proof motors and fittings. Liquid Oxygen Pump 100 cu.m./hr. Acetylene Generator The entire operation is perfectly synchronised to give maximum efficiency and simplicity in operation. Any failure, whether it is of power supply, water, instruments air, is signalled visually and also audibly when an alarm bell rings to alert the operator. Only flame proof lights and electrical fittings according to IS2148-68 (Group II) or BSS-229 may be used in an acetylene plant building. Acetylene cylinders must be of specification IS: 7312: 1974 or ICC:8. The design of the entire plant has been made with safety in mind. Flash Back Arrestors, High Pressure Reverse Flow check valves, safety valves and complete gauging help protect both equipment and personnel. Various auto controls, safety valves, auto vent valves, non-return valves and Flash Back Arrestors are also provided to make this plant absolutely safe to operate in all conditions True 1478291779
Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant INR 0 INR 0 Process Description Nitrous Oxide is produced by heating Ammonium Nitrate to a temperature of 250 Deg.c. Ammonium Nitrate is decomposed in the process to give a mixture of Nitrous Oxide & super heated steam. At the same time impurities are produced including Ammonium Nitrate fumes, Nitrogen & other oxides of Nitrogen. The steam & impurities are removed by scrubbing with water, caustic soda and sulphuric acid in sequence Nitrogen present in traces is removed by bleeding from the top of storage vessels where Nitrous Oxide is stored, after compression by a compressor. Introduction Safe and economical, the Nitrous Oxide plant from SANGHI ORGANIZATION is a plant with an efficient Generation system which reduces power consumption and adds on to safety. A storage battery assembly for separation of Nitrogen is another safety feature with the SANGHI ORG plant. The gas manufactured conforms to Indian Pharmacopia, US & European standards and is stored in liquid state which can be directly filled into cylinders. Production It is produced by heating Ammonium Nitrate to a temperature of approximately 250 C. Heating could be either electrically or by gas. It is then purified in a series of towers before collecting in a gas holder. Gas is then Compressed by a water lubricated compressor, dried and liquefied. Liquid Nitrous oxide is stored in storage vessels where Nitrogen , if present, is removed. Pure liquid Nitrogen oxide is then filled into cylinders by weight. Uses Nitrous oxide gas is mainly used for anesthetic purposes. It is administered with oxygen. It is also used as carrier gas in laboratory Instruments. It also finds application, as a propellant in aerosols and food stuff. Properties of NITROUS OXIDE Nitrous Oxide is a chemical compound of Nitogen and Oxygen. Its Chemical symbol is N20. It is colourless, non flammable and nontoxic gas with a slightly sweetish taste & odour. The most common way of distributing Nitrous oxide is as a compressed liquid in Cylinders of the same kind, as used for oxygen, Nitrogen etc. The pressure in Nitrous oxide cylinders is approximately 50 Bars at 20oC It is stable and comparatively un-reactive chemical compound at ordinary temperatures. At elevated temperatures, however, the gas decomposes to Nitrogen & Oxygen. It supports combustion and hence organic substances particularly oil and greases which are petrochemical in nature must be kept away from the gas. True 1478291878
Carbon Di-Oxide Plant INR 0 INR 0 The process of purifying CO2 is obtained from burning of fuel, using MEA (Monoethanolamin) in a aqueous solution which has been known for quite some time. The plant uses a modernized process by which high purity and food quality CO2 can be obtained. The plant has the latest automatic control equipment and is easy to operate and requires very little maintenance. The CO2 containing combusion gases passes through a pre-cleaning stage and is brought into contact with an aqueous MEA solution which absorbs CO2. Afterwards, the CO2 gas is desorbed from this solution and compressed to the required pressure using special compressors. This is followed by cleaning, drying and final cleaning stages of CO2 gas which is then liquified and filled in a storage tank. The following gives a brief description of individual steps involved in the plant. The System incorporates modular design. In standard sized plants, the combusion and desorption, the absorption and wash-columns the compressor station, the cleaning and drying station as well as refrigeration plant are separate unit. Storage Tank system with CO2 evaporator and / or liquid CO2 pumps, cooling tower, etc. dry ice machine, etc. are additional optional equipment which could be offered at additional cost. True 1478291971
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